About OptimiseIT

Deployment of service deliveries to many suppliers, so-called multi-sourcing, is a demanding business. To keep control of the services, the service quality and the economy over time provides additional challenges. In 2014, the Gartner Group reported that over 80 % did not achieve desired results with their sourcing initiative.

OptimiseIT is a team of business-focused experts on sourcing, multi-sourcing, and service management, with great references and over 25 years of experience in the field. We help our clients to combine services from multiple suppliers into a seamless and consolidated, 24/ 7 based delivery model for IT services. Our models for service integration and management is based on a solid combination of practical experience and recognized “best practice”- like SIAM, ITIL and COBIT.

As a professional provider of service management, we combine our expertise in business understanding, processes, technology and management of change, in order to give the customer a solution that supports their business needs. We can also offer clients to take charge of this area as an independent and professional third party.

Gartner Group reference