As demands from the business side toward IT increases, increasingly more IT organizations struggle to meet the demands of operational reliability, cost effectiveness, digitization and innovation. The businesses gets impatient and the thought of sourcing out production to external, specialist providers become a temptation.

There are many providers on the market, and with today’s infrastructure, services are available from providers both locally and from far away. With low hourly rates, promises of major cost savings and “sign-on fees” it is tempting to turn to these. With many specialized suppliers and a number of large global players in the market, the options are many. So is it just a matter of going for it?

Many have gone down this road, but according to Gartner Group, there are still only a globally 11 % who claim that they have succeeded – the remaining 89 % claim that they were not well enough prepared to act as a competent purchaser of services. This requires a completely different governance structure and completely different competency profiles than they were aware of in advance.

On the following pages, we show some of the typical problems you may encounter.