Complicated cooperation

Today’s IT services can be complex and are often composed of multiple sub-services from separate suppliers. This means that none of them has full responsibility for ensuring that the business gets the complete delivery. This may be the source of several problems:

  • Error handling situations can become a blame-game where suppliers accuse each other
  • Changes may require extensive coordination among several parties
  • The flow of information will be affected because suppliers are competitors and are reluctant to share information.

Some providers offer to be a so-called Guardian Vendors, who will coordinate deliveries across all suppliers. This is a complex solution, which may often suffer from lack of trust between the competing suppliers. If this is to succeed, it requires complicated contracts with requirements that few manage to live up to.

A better solution is to establish a SIAM function that is independent of the suppliers and that takes on the task of integrating and managing service delivery across all suppliers. This can be established internally, or by an independent third party not having any ties to the service providers.