Sourcing of «chaos»

An essential requirement for a successful sourcing is that you must have control over what you want to allocate to external sources. Sourcing of a chaotic or unstructured basis rarely gives structure and order on service delivery later on. Instead, you end up with a number of external suppliers who you believe will structure your services. Motivation is often low as one does not have cleanup and structuring included in the contract, and the costs becomes a topic of discussion.

A better starting point is to clean up and maintain control in advance. Several actions can be set into force:

Establishing a service catalogue will often be a useful concept to ensure that you have full control over which services you use. The service catalogue becomes the tool for determining which services you should outsource and what the requirements are for these services.

To assess which services are suitable for outsourcing. Some services are based upon standard industrial solutions and are therefore candidates for an industrial partner with economy of scale benefits. Other services are based on proprietary development or customization, so it may be more difficult to get a good delivery from an industrial supplier. Here it is often necessary to select specialized niche suppliers, or carefully assess whether these services should be retained internally to ensure access to expertise.

To migrate services from tailoring to an industrial standard is another choice. This investment may eventually yield benefits at lower costs over time.