Service catalogue

Outsourcing services to an external party can be a painful experience if one has no control on what is going to be outsourced. Although it is a step along the way, it is not enough with a list of applications. Which services we have, what are their names, which are most critical, what functionality they have, what is the rate of change, which are duplicate services, what are the requirements for accessibility, what are the requirements for deliverability from the supplier, etc. There are many questions and those should be under control prior to going to the suppliers.

The Service Catalogue is therefore an important tool for the whole service outsourcing. It is a survey of business services and business processes, related IT services with the supporting infrastructure services. The survey of the upper layers focuses on the services that users recognize, the survey of the lower layers are all about technical capability in infrastructure, suitable for reuse in overlying IT services.

We are experts in this work, with many deliveries behind us.